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Success according to your request!  Creativity in still photographs, is more visually stimulating than words. Video is the combination of sight and sound audiovisual. (Videography)


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 While they don't have to be best friends, it's a plus if you can find shooters who have worked together before. A bigger concern would be if they've worked together with disastrous results—you don't want to have vendors at odds with each other when they need to cooperate to get the same shots. One way to guarantee a good tandem is to hire Photographers Atlanta a studio that does both photo and video.

Photographers Atlanta  Videography captures moving images from electronic media such as video tape, hard drive, DVD, Blu-ray etc. Videography can also be described as the art of shooting video. It’s a way to provide viewers of your material a cinematic experience by employing modern techniques to make your footage look edgy, colorful and full of life. Photographers Atlanta  typically employ a variety of methods, depending on the situation, such as lighting manipulation, changing out cameras or lenses, setting up multiple cameras and stationary cameras, and using external microphones to capture all of the sounds around them. It’s common to find videographers at large social events such as weddings, corporate events, business meetings, presentations and sporting events.


Advertising photography

There can be little argument that in modern capitalist societies the camera has proved to be an absolutely indispensable tool for the makers of consumer goods, for those involved with public relations and those who sell ideas and services. Camera images have been able to make invented ‘realities’ seem not at all fraudulent and have permitted viewers to suspend disbelief while remaining aware that the scene has been contrived. (Naomi Rosenblum, A World History of Photography, 1989)


The rise of digital imaging and video in the late 90s and early 2000s started to blur the line between what we know as videography and cinematography. The fast growth of home computers and the internet has paved the way for videography to now cover many more fields than just shooting video with a camercorder, including digital animation (such as Flash), gaming, web streaming, video blogging, still slideshows, remote sensing, spatial imaging, medical imaging, security camera imaging, and in general the production of most bitmap- and vector-based assets. Photographers Atlantamay produce their work entirely on a computer without ever involving an imaging device, using software-based components.

Photographers Atlanta videographer may be the actual camera operator or they may be the person in charge of the visual design of a production (the latter being more or less the equivalent of a cinematographer).
Video production refers to capturing and editing video shots. It refers to the three-stage process involved in producing videos that begins at formulating an idea and ends in postproduction processes like editing. The images captured in video production are recorded electronically.
Video production, also known as videography, is the art of videotaping, editing, and distributing a finished video film or programme. 


Commercial photography has long had a significant (though often unacknowledged) place in the history of photography. The advertising industry turned to photography when it discovered the photograph's power to convey the joys and benefits of consumerism. Advertising agencies, clients, and magazine editors eagerly sought work by Steichen, Penn, Avedon, and others because they recognized their modernism and distinctive personal visions as effective selling tools. Photography remains the dominant advertising medium; and recent scholarly study of advertising photography has helped develop a more complex understanding of the diversity within modernist photography.


 Photographers Atlanta still photography. The process of forming stable or permanent visible images directly or indirectly by the action of light or other forms of radiation on sensitive surfaces. Traditional photography uses the action of light to cause changes in a film of silver halide crystals in which development converts exposed silver halide to (nonsensitive) metallic silver. Following exposure in a camera or other device, the film or plate is developed, fixed in a solution that dissolves the undevelopedsilver halide, washed to remove thesoluble salts, and dried. Printing from the original, if required, is done by contact or optical projection onto a second emulsion-coated material, and a similar sequence of processing steps is followed. Digital photography captures images directly with an electronic photosensor. Photographic materials.
Photographers Atlanta professional level for portraiture and for various commercial and industrial applications, including the preparation of photographs for advertising, illustration, display, and record-keeping.Photographers Atlanta photojournalist Press photography is for newspaper and magazine illustrations of topical events and objects. Photography is used at several levels in the graphic arts to convert original photographs or other illustrations into printing plates for high-quality reproduction in quantity. Industrial photography includes the generation and reproduction of engineering drawings, high-speed photography, schlieren photography, metallography, and many other forms of technical photography which can aid in the development, design, and manufacture of various products. Aerial photography is used for military reconnaissance and mapping, civilian mapping, urban and highway planning, and surveys of material resources. Biomedical photography is used to reveal or record biological structures, often of significance in medical research, diagnosis, or treatment. Photography is widely applied to preparing projection slides and other displays for teaching through visual education. photography.
Photography is one of the most important tools in scientific and technical fields. It extends the range of vision, allowing records to be made of things or events which are difficult or impossible to see because they are too faint, too brief, too small, or too distant, or associated with radiation to which the eye is insensitive. Technical photographs can be studied at leisure, measured, and stored for reference or security. The acquisition and interpretation of images in scientific and technical photography usually requires direct participation by the scientist or skilled technicians.

Photographers Atlanta high-speed photography at exposure durations shorter than those possible with conventional shutters or at frequencies (frame rates) greater than those achievable with motion picture cameras with intermittent film movements is useful in a wide range of technical applications.
The best conventional between-the-lens shutters rarely yield exposures shorter than 1/500 s. Some focal plane shutters are rated at 1/2000 or 1/4000 s but may take 1/100 s to traverse the film format. Substantially shorter exposures are possible with magnetooptical shutters (using the Faraday effect), with electrooptical shutters (using the Kerr effect), or with pulsed electron image tubes. Alternatively, a capping shutter may be used in combination with various pulsed light sources which provide intense illumination for very short durations, including pulsed xenon arcs (electronic flash), electric arcs, exploding wires, pulsed lasers, and argon flash bombs. Flash durations ranging from 1 millisecond to less than 1 nanosecond are possible. Similarly, high-speed radiographs have been made by discharging a short-duration high-potential electrical pulse through the x-ray tube. photography.
The classical foundation for serial frame separation is the motion picture camera. Intermittent movement of the film in such cameras is usually limited to 128 frames/s (standard rates are 16 and 24). For higher rates (up to 10,000 frames/s or more) continuous film movement is combined with optical compensation, as with a rotating plane-parallel glass block, to avoid image smear. Pictures made at these frequencies but projected at normal rates slow down (stretch) the motion according to the ratio of taking and projection rates. Higher rates, up to 107 frames/s, have been achieved with a variety of ingeniousspecial-purpose cameras. In some, the sequence of photographs is obtained with a rapidly rotating mirror at the center of anarcuate array of lenses, and a stationary strip of film. In others, the optics are stationary and the film strip is moved at high speed by mounting it around the outside or inside of a rapidly rotating cylinder. To overcome mechanical limitations on the rotation of mirrors or cylindrical film holders at high speeds, image dissection methods have been employed, that is, an image is split into slender sections and rearranged to fill a narrow slit at the film. The image is unscrambled by printing back through thedissecting optics. Cinematography.
Architectural photography

Photographers Atlanta aerial photography, in which photographs of the Earth's surface are made with specialized roll-film cameras carried aloft on balloons, airplanes, and spacecraft, is an important segment of a broader generic technology, remote sensing. The film is often replaced with an electronic sensor, the sensor system may be mounted on an aircraft or spacecraft, and the subject may be the surface of a distant planet instead of Earth. Remote sensing is used to gather military intelligence; to provide most of the information for plotting maps; for evaluating natural resources (minerals, petroleum, soils, crops, water) and natural disasters; and for planning cities, highways, dams, pipelines, and airfields. Aerial photography normally provides higher ground resolution and geometric accuracy than the imagery obtained with electronic sensors, especially when covering small areas, so it continues as the foundation for mapmaking, urban planning, and some other applications. Films designed for aerial photography, both black-and-white and color, have somewhat higher contrast than conventional products because theluminance range of the Earth's surface as seen from altitudes of 5000 ft (1500 m) or more is roughly 100 times lower than that of landscapes photographed horizontally.
The acquisition of image information with scanning sensors mounted on spacecraft provides an inexpensive means for gathering photographs of large areas of the Earth or the whole Earth at regular intervals (minutes or hours for meteorological satellites, days for Earth resources satellites) or for photographing subjects which cannot be reached with aircraft or approached with spacecraft. Some sensors operate at wavelengths beyond those detected by infrared films. The image information is transmitted to receiving stations on Earth, usually processed electronically to correct for geometric and atmospheric factors, and recorded on a variety of image recorders. Scanning sensors, as well as film cameras, are employed in aerial reconnaissance because they can transmit tactical information to ground stations for evaluation before the aircraft returns to base or is shot down. Synthetic aperture radar, which maps the reflectance of microwaves from the surface of the Earth and other planets, represents another form of remote sensing for both military and commercial purposes in which the information is returned to Earth and reconstructed in photographic form.
Photographers Atlanta  digital  process of electronic acquisition, the equivalent of taking a photograph, is often referred to as image capture.
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